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I love writing code, but I hate counting brackets.

Dirk Jesse // — 13.10.2012 # WP Camp Berlin

WYSIWYG to the Rescue?

There's a reason why so many developers are

searching for for visual design & coding tools.

FOcus on the right THings

Frontend development is much more than 
writing HTML 
and knowing some CSS tricks.

Todays Challenges ...

  • Content Strategy
  • Proportions & White-Space
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Typography
  • Performance
  • Plattform Optimization
  • etc.

TODAYs Workflow

The workflow to create modern CSS layouts isn't linear (research/wireframe/design/coding) anymore. 

It has become an iterative design and development process.

WYSIWYG VS. Hand Coding

What are the pros and cons of using a WYSIWYG editor for web page development vs hand coding?
With the exception of just not knowing how to create something by hand coding is there any reasons to use WYSIWYG?

Question on: Stack Overflow


Dreamweaver & Co. used to focus on visual presentation, 
but not on the underlaying structure.

Using Photoshop/Fireworks for responsive design is like bringing
a knife to a gunfight

Andy Clarke // @marlarkey

Making Websites TODAY

We're talking about HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Web-Applications, IndexDB and Chrome OS all day. 

But you're still writing your HTML/CSS in a text editor, right?

Browser-based DESIGN?

If done in the right way, what would be the benefit 

of a browser-based workflow for rapid prototyping
and layout creation?

Holistic Conept

Design, structure & content are closely linked from the beginning.  Conceptional weaknesses can be discovered 

early during development.

No Media Break

You create your design in its natural environment.

It will look and behave the right way from the beginning.

Robust code-base

Building on top of approved CSS frameworks,

allows to work with high-level building blocks.

Its about efficiency ...

Save time and money on standard tasks. 
Spend it to create better websites.

that's why I started

Thinkin' Tags

A browser-based tool for rapid prototyping 

and creation of CSS layouts.

Check it out: